Hey, thank you for visiting my website. I guess since you're here, you might want to know something interesting about myself. Here goes.

Elise Anne Marie is my pen name. It is actually three of my friends' middle names in no particular order. On Toy Soldier's release date, I was only 19 years old.

I'm not the best cook. I once messed up making ramen noodles. Let's just say we had to buy a new microwave. (cooking tip #1 Never forget the water)

In 2015, I fractured both of my arms. I was in a rollerblading accident and at first didn't want to go to the emergncy room. My neighbor and I were racing when I started skidding; I still have battle scars to prove it!

I enjoy learning and writing and will continue to practice perfecting the writing craft. Please do get in touch. I love hearing from my fans. Remember: Keep reading!

Yours truly,